A mastermind and group coaching experience for service providers and business owners who are stressed and ready to scale to six figures and beyond!

right now you are...

✓ Feeling completely overwhelmed in your business

✓  Running out of time in your business and feel like you are working 24/7

✓  Throwing spaghetti at the wall when it comes to marketing and crossing your fingers that new clients come through your door

Struggling to break through to the next level of income and success

✓  Letting fear, doubt and imposter syndrome hold you back

Wondering when all of your hard work is finally going to pay off

trust me, I've been there

I was in that same spot a few years ago. I wanted to grow and do something bigger, I knew I wasn’t stepping into my purpose but I really had no idea where to start. I was struggling with fear, overwhelm and imposter syndrome. In fact, I was wearing it like a badge of honor and just told myself this was just rite of passage of entrepreneurship. 

I thought if I downloaded enough freebies, took enough courses, listened to enough podcasts, I would get there. But in reality, none of it was working for me and that wasn’t the roadmap to success. 

Finally, it all shifted for me. I invested in my first mastermind. I didn’t really have the money to invest in what I was investing in. In fact, I had to ask the coach if they would extend the payment plan for me in order to make it work. But I decided to go all in. And it was the most transformative thing for me and my business. I am where I am today because of that mastermind and because I took the leap and invested in myself and where I wanted to go.

I created The CEO Society Mastermind because it’s what I wished I had back then.

this was made just for you!

If you can say yes to the following, you're in the right place...

Now just stop and picture this....

Imagine if you had:

it truly makes all the difference

When you combine business strategy, mentorship and a supportive community into an exclusive six-month experience unlike anything you've had before

This mastermind specializes in gaining clarity on the next right moves for you in order to scale your income and authority, setting attainable goals, and holding you accountable to make it happen.

Plus, giving you the tools and strategy you need for long-term success, all while keeping your values at the forefront so we can design a business that truly fits into your life. Inside the mastermind, you will walk away with your roadmap to scale to 6 figures and beyond doing more of what you love and less of what you don’t.


you will:

this is for you if...

what they say...

"Aubree is one of the most authentic coaches I have ever met. She genuinely cares about you and your business. While Aubree serves many clients/students, she always made me feel like I was her top priority; checking in regularly and making sure I was on track with the goals we established together. I was able to break through those 5k months and scale to consistent 9k/10k months within 3 months of working together. Aubree is a tell it like it is kind of a person and holds you accountable every step of the way. One thing I am very grateful for is the mindset work Aubree and I did together. I dealt with a ton of imposter syndrome (& still do on occasion) in the beginning and Aubree helped me break through a lot of limiting beliefs which were holding me back as a business owner. After tackling those limiting beliefs, I hit my first 9k month. I can’t recommend Aubree enough as a coach. She is one of a kind and I am forever grateful for her guidance and support."

give me the details, girl

We have two trainings per month (one by me & one by a guest experts) to help support you and have tangible tips to take into your business each month. We are all about real advice, no-fluff here! We also highly value what you need specifically, so we will be listening to the needs of the group to customize these trainings to YOU!

Office hours are a chance for you to get your business breakthrough. You will have direct access to me and the team to support you through your goals. This is a time to get the A’s to your Q’s! We meet weekly for these office hours to keep the momentum flowing!

I bring in my business BFFs to share their expertise with you! From social media experts, to systems savants, to marketing gurus, you will be blown away with the calibre of these guests!

THE BEST PART of this mastermind if I do say so myself. No more making connections in free FB groups with people that aren’t actually aligned with the trajectory of your business. Say hello to your new business besties!

plus, you will get access to these exclusive bonuses:
meet the founder

hey there, i'm aubree!

If we haven’t met before, it’s so nice to meet you! I’m obsessed with helping women scale their business so they can have more choice and freedom in their lives. I’m so excited you’re considering joining The CEO Society Mastermind. 

I’ve built a multiple six-figure business in the last three years and host a podcast for freelancers who are ready to experience a both/and life. I’ve been featured on numerous podcasts and publications like Yahoo! Finance and Business Insider. I do all of this while saving plenty of time with my family as we begin to build our dream home on a beautiful four acre property. 


your investment

I want to ensure that you are right for this mastermind as well as if I’m the coach to help you reach your goals. In order to make sure this is a win-win for both of us, please fill out the application below. 

Pro tip: Invest in where you’re going, not for where you’re currently at.