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Get your behind-the-scenes peek at how I started my virtual assistant business and replaced my full-time salary with no prior experience, seven months pregnant with a 1.5 year old running around!

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Learn how I quit my teaching job within two months of starting my VA business + how you can, too!


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How I was able to resign from my teaching job within two months of starting my business!

How your past experience and skills can translate to a service you can offer!

How to know if you're a fit for starting a virtual assistant business and what you need to get started ASAP


If we haven’t met before, it’s so nice to meet you! I’m obsessed with helping moms & teachers experience more choice and freedom in their lives.

I used to be an elementary teacher! But everything changed once my first son was born. I wanted to have more flexibility in my job and create my own schedule (around my kids!) During my deep dive searches of mom Facebook groups for “work at home” jobs, I found freelancing. Within two months, I was making enough money to resign from my teaching job – just in time for my second son to arrive! 

Now, I teach moms just like you how to start, grow and scale a freelance business from home so they can finally create a life of freedom without having to sacrifice their family!

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