How To Effectively Communicate with Your Clients – PLUS an Exclusive Offer!


How can you effectively communicate with your clients when you don’t see them every day? It can be hard to go from a work environment where you are used to talking and seeing the people you work with face to face. And now it’s all virtual. I’m sharing my top tips for how to effectively communicate with your clients from the beginning so you can have great working relationships and your clients will turn into your raving fans!






Let me set the scene for you… you are networking in a Facebook group when all of the sudden you see a job posting that is TOTALLY YOU! The client posting is your IDEAL client and you think “oh, I am all over this!” You open up your email and hit ‘compose’ then…. nothing. You sit and stare at a blinking cursor endlessly. You’re not sure what to say and you lack the confidence that your email will even get opened.




If this is you, then you need my brand new digital product Send & Serve, word-for-word email templates that you can easily send to your clients and never have to wonder what to say again. I’ve included over 25+ email templates for everything including new client emails, asking for something from your client emails, how to deal with those tricky conversations and even cold pitching email templates. I’ve got you covered! Plus, three amazing bonuses that will help you automate and simplify your biz even more! Win win! 


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