say goodbye to the draining 9-5

Create your own schedule, earn more money, and have more freedom in your life by launching a freelancing business!

Sound familiar?


✓ Looking for a side hustle where you don’t have to sell products or join a MLM

 Wanting to stay at home with your kids but also contribute to your family

✓ Stressed every time you have to call in sick or take a day off to go to your kids’ appointments

✓  So tired of feeling like you have to choose to either be a good mom or have a successful career

✓ So over letting someone else decide how you spend your days 

✓ Desperate to break out of the traditional 9-5 

trust me, I've been there

I had tried so many other things to “make money from home.” I would stay up late at night Googling, post in mom Facebook groups asking for advice. And I was usually met with the same answers:

“You should join my network marketing company!”

“What about starting a daycare in your house?”

“I teach kids English online! With your teaching background, it would be a perfect fit.”

None of these options worked for me. I was looking for something different. Then, someone mentioned an option I had never heard before: freelancing

I was intrigued. I started researching, learning and soaking up all I could and a week later, I had my business launched. My first month in business, I made $800 supporting business owners. This was it, I thought. 

Within two months, I had reached my first income goal, which was enough to resign from my teaching job, just in time for my second son to arrive. And I haven’t looked back since. 

Now, I teach other women how they can do the same! I’ve used the knowledge I gained in starting and scaling my own business to create The Prep framework!

and the results speak for themselves



"You have changed my life! I bought this a month ago and already making 2k a month and about to leave my teaching job!"



"It's been smooth and so helpful, I am really, really glad to have invested in it! It's given me the confidence and knowledge to start a VA business."

IMG_5868 2


"It was amazing and the fact that Aubree reached out personally made it that much more meaningful to me! I can only imagine what the future holds!"

but I know what you're thinking...

And sooner or later, your head starts filling up with a few easily believable (but totally untrue) thoughts trying to sabotage your your dream of becoming a work at home mom....

Myth #1: I don't have any skills

Whether you’re currently a teacher, working in the corporate world, or a SAHM, YOU have so many transferable skills. Inside The Prep, I help you identify the abundance of skills you already possess and teach you exactly how to use those skills to start gaining clients right away. 

Myth #2: No one would hire me

Freelancing is the #1 growing industry. Each day more and more businesses are moving into the online world. Entrepreneurs need freelancers like YOU to support them as they grow! 

Myth #3: But what if I fail?

The fear of failure is normal as you start your freelancing journey, but The Prep was designed to hold your hand through the entire process from laying the foundation to landing your first client. If you show up, ask questions, and do the work, you will be well on your way to landing clients sooner than you could ever dream of. 

Myth #4: It's all been done before

While it’s true that many people have started a freelancing business and have come before you, no one is YOU! You bring a unique service, perspective and skillset that has yet to exist in this freelancing space. After taking The Prep, you will be equipped to stand out in your area of expertise and WOW your clients.

now just stop and picture this..

Imagine what it would feel like if you could...

Spoiler alert: it's not!



An easy-to-follow proven framework that will teach you how to start your virtual assistant business. The Prep will give you everything you need from your business structure, service, pricing, how to market and so much more!

this is for you if...

real results...

I purchased “The Prep,” went through it, and in a couple of weeks, I was ready to roll on my new business. It gave me the confidence that I was starting with a solid foundation. After I started looking for clients, I got 6 discovery calls in just a couple of days using Aubree’s tips, and was able to sign three of them as clients already. I now know, believe, and am inspired that I can make this a full-time career for myself to transition out of the classroom as a full-time teacher. You should definitely do it because the templates themselves are worth the investment!
TikTok & Reels manager




Let’s get your business started on the right foot. In this module, we will focus on the business foundation to make sure your business is legit!



It’s time to develop your brand personality, logo and all the fun visuals that come with starting a business! 



Who will I work with and what will I offer them? Everyone has skills! You’ll learn how to define that ideal client and what service is the best for YOU to offer!



So, what do I charge?! You’ll learn the different ways to price your services as well as how to create packages! 



In this module, I’ll walk you through all the systems you need to to wow your clients, save you time and help your business run smoothly!



Wondering how you’re actually going to find clients? This module has you covered! I’ll share with you all the ways you can show up both online & offline to land those dream clients!



Your business success is 80% mindset and 20% business strategy. In this module, we’ll address the thoughts that are holding you back and how to overcome them, as well as how to create and maintain a schedule as the new CEO. 



Learn from the mamas who have gone before you and have made the “oh-so-far-off-dream” a reality! They’ll share how they got there and the inside scoop on their signature service!



The templates alone are worth the investment! Portfolio templates, discovery call cheat sheet, tax/income tracking, email pitch swipe file and so much more! 


Included in your purchase is your all-access pass to 6 months of coaching & support Inside our student-only community! You will Receive:
meet your coach

hey there, i'm aubree!

If we haven’t met before, it’s so nice to meet you! I’m obsessed with helping moms & teachers experience more choice and freedom in their lives.

I have helped over a thousand women start their own freelance business through my signature program, The Prep, but this time, it’s completely remastered and redesigned to get you even better results. 

don't just take my word for it

Sierra Scacco

The Prep has given me the confidence that I needed to start my business. Before, I was really unsure of whether starting a business would be the right thing for me, but now I am so glad that I took the leap and used the Prep as a guide. I’ve been able to not only start a successful business, but I’ve also found my dream clients along the way! Taking the Prep is absolutely essential if you are looking to start a Virtual Assistant business!

Frequently asked questions

You will get access to the member dashboard where all lessons and content are located, a 6 month Facebook community to share and collaborate together and to hold each other accountable, direct access to me as your coach through monthly calls, monthly accountability that will push you to reach your goals for the next 6 months, co-working sessions, all my templates, and so much more! 

From The Prep, you will walk away with:
  1. The foundations to start your freelancing journey
  2. The confidence to setup the systems you need to save time and WOW your clients
  3. My strategic plan to market your services like a pro
  4. More time and income
  5. A plan to turn your clients into referrals
  6. Confidence in yourself and your business
  7. A community of amazing women who are ready to rock this with you
  8. Coaching with me for the next 6 months
After receiving hundreds of DM’s from Prep students who were begging for additional support and coaching, I knew I needed to give this program a major overhaul. 
Not only will you now have weekly support from me plus a student-only facebook group, but you also get a completely revamped course. Each module is now jam packed with video trainings, swipe files, templates, and more. Everything you could possibly need to jumpstart your freelancing business right now!
Here’s the great news. The entire training can be done at your own pace. You also have access to an exclusive Facebook group so you can ask questions and get feedback on what you’re working on for the next 6 months.
Even if you only have 30 minutes a week, you will see tremendous results from The Prep. You can listen to the content while driving, cooking, or playing with the kids!
You could! I imagine you have all the skills and resourcefulness in the world to figure this out. But what I have found in my own business is that when I’m able to learn from someone who’s gone before me, I reach my goals way faster and am more successful because the step-by-step plan holds me accountable. 
There’s no way to describe the incredible feeling that comes with being part of a group working toward dreams and vision. The entrepreneurial world can be a lonely place. When it seems like no one understands what you’re doing, we are there! We’re real, fun, kind-hearted women going BIG with our businesses. There are opportunities for accountability partners, virtual co-working, challenges, and more!

There will be no refunds for this course for buyer’s remorse or change of mind. I take your investment seriously and I want you to do the same! 

However, if you sign up for the program and go through the entire course curriculum, implement what is taught, are active in the private student community, show up to the group coaching calls, ask for support and still feel like you haven’t found success or progress after doing all of this, you may request a refund within 60 days of purchase. However, proof of work will be requested.

the prep students celebrate big wins

Join The Prep 2.0 today!
  • MODULE ONE: Business Structure (Value $197)
  • MODULE TWO: Branding & Visuals (Value $297)
  • MODULE THREE: Your Skills, Service & Ideal Client (Value $297)
  • MODULE FOUR: Pricing & Packages (Value $297)
  • MODULE FIVE: Systems For Success (Value $497)
  • MODULE SIX: Marketing & Finding Clients (Value $597)
  • MODULE SEVEN: CEO Mindset (Value $297)
  • PRIVATE COMMUNITY (Value $997)
  • 6 MONTHS OF COACHING CALLS (Value $4,500+)
  • CO-WORKING SESSIONS (Value $1,197)
  • LIVE Q&AS/HOT SEATS (Value $2,000)



real results...

I took the Prep to get a jump-start into being a VA. The Prep and Aubree helped me see that with these simple steps it was very easy to get my career off the ground. Being a teacher, I realized I already had all of the skills I needed to be a VA thanks to Aubree! I highly recommend the Prep for those that just need that little push!