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Grow your business, visibility and income with the power of TikTok!

does this sound familiar?


✓ It all feels super overwhelming

 You cringe at the thought of having to learn another platform

You don’t even know where to start or how to post a TikTok 

✓  You’re spending way too much time creating content on other platforms with little to no results

✓ You’re unsure if TikTok would even work for you

you're not alone.... I felt this way too!

In 2021, I was ready to breakup with Instagram.  

I was tired of the Instagram algorithm and didn’t find myself even wanting to show up there. I felt like I was creating all this content on this app and nothing was happening. I knew something needed to change. 

I had been toying with the idea of starting a TikTok account for my business but I didn’t even know if it would be worth it. But I was willing to try it out. 

 What started as a 30-day experiment on TikTok to refresh my marketing turned into the number one traffic driver to my email list and paid offers. With over 291K followers on the platform, I’m continually blown away to the organic reach I receive with my content.

But I’ve learned some things along the way that have contributed to my growth and success on the platform and I want to help you change the way to show up and market your business.


but I know what you're thinking...

Myth #1: Isn't TikTok just for kids?

While yes, there are kids on the app, 32% of users are ages 25-34! A lot of social media platforms start our with a younger demographic and then grow and evolve! I bet you thought the same thing about Instagram when you first heard of it! 

Myth #2: But I don't want to dance?

Dancing is definitely not required! There are so many creators on the app that do not dance at all and see incredible results! You just need to show up and serve with the knowledge and expertise you have! 

Myth #3: My ideal client isn't on TikTok

TikTok has over ONE BILLION users on the platform! There are videos and content about pretty much any niche you can think of! TikTok can work for you whether you’re a service provider, product based business, business coach and so many others!

Myth #4: I'm too busy for this

Creating content on TikTok doesn’t have to add more to your plate! In fact, I will show you how to can utilize content that you’ve already created and turn it into short form video content!



Tiktok prep school

TikTok Prep School is a beginner’s guide to getting started on TikTok. It’s a comprehensive 8-unit course for service providers and business owners who want to learn how to start showing up on TikTok to market and grow their business organically. With TikTok Prep School, you will learn everything you need to finally plan, create, edit and publish your first video without the overwhelm!

this is for you if....




Learn the ins and outs of how to navigate the app and save time! 



Learn how to create content efficiently and how to record and edit right within the app with my step-by-step tutorials!



Learn how to evaluate what’s working on your account and make improvements as well as my repurposing strategy to save you even more time! Work smarter, not harder! 

meet the creator

hey there, i'm aubree!

If we haven’t met before, it’s so nice to meet you! I started my TikTok account in February 2021 and have grown it to almost 300k in one year!

Starting my TikTok has led me to generating 45k revenue in JUST one month, building a community of raving fans, growing my email list by tens of thousands, and finally feeling confident to show up and share about my business!

Frequently asked questions

Once you purchase, you will get instant access to the member dashboard where all video lessons and downloadable resources are located. 

This course will benefit learners who feel completely uncomfortable with TikTok! You will learn the basics to navigating the platform, creating and editing video content, as well as how to come up with video content ideas for your niche! 

The course is completely self-paced, so you can work through it as time allows, but I know your time is valuable so you’ll be able to get through all the content and lessons in under 2 hours! 

I am confident that you will be able to get results from this course. I do not make any claims of follower growth, but know you will learn exactly what you need to start creating content on TikTok. No refunds will be given! 

Enroll in tiktok prep school!
  • MODULE ONE: Why TikTok?  
  • MODULE TWO: Getting Started
  • MODULE THREE: Navigating the Basics
  • MODULE FOUR: Content Pillars
  • MODULE FIVE: Time to Create 
  • MODULE SIX: Editing 
  • MODULE SEVEN: Evaluate
  • Module 8: Repurposing Content 
  • Bonus: 27 TikTok Video Ideas 
  • Bonus: 40 DFY Video Hooks 

I am ready to grow on tiktok