I thought I was going to be an elementary teacher for the rest of my life. But everything changed once my first son was born. I wanted to have more flexibility in my job and create my own schedule (around my kids!) During my deep dive searches of mom Facebook groups for “work at home” jobs, I found freelancing. Within two months, I was making enough money to resign from my teaching job – just in time for my second son to arrive! 

When I’m not supporting other moms & teachers, you can usually find me obsessing over another DIY home project, enjoying a margarita, and spending time with my friends and family.

I’m a wife, boy mom, business mentor, and freelance expert. And a podcast host. And a former elementary teacher. I have a lot many titles! But at my core – I’m an educator. 

I had tried so many other things to “make money from home” so I could be at home with my kids, but also contribute financially to our household. I would stay up late at night Googling, post in mom Facebook groups asking for advice. And I was usually met with the same answers:

“You should join my network marketing company!”

“What about starting a daycare in your house?”

“I teach kids English online! With your teaching background, it would be a perfect fit.”

I used to think it was all or nothing. Either have a job. Or be a stay at home mom.
But I wanted both. 

I'm on a mission to change the way it looks to be a working mom. I truly believe you can live a both/and life; where you can show up as the mom you've always dreamed of being, while also contributing to your family financially and doing work that you are passionate about. 

I believe that you should be present for the everyday moments like first day of school pickup, kissing the skinned knee or middle of the day trips to the park because it's just too beautiful outside to miss. I want you to have less "I can'ts" or "maybe laters," more spontaneous moments and memories made, and watching the long-term impact from being present in the home.

you can take the teacher out of the classroom... but you can't take the teacher out of me.

None of these options worked for me. I was looking for something different. Then, someone mentioned an option I had never heard before: freelancing. 

I was intrigued. I started researching, learning and soaking up all I could and a week later, I had my business launched. My first month in business, I made $800 supporting business owners. This was it, I thought. Within two months, I had reached my first income goal, which was enough to resign from my teaching job, just in time for my second son to arrive. And I haven’t looked back since.

it's time to start living your somedays, today.

DIY projects (you should see my power tool collection!)

Hosting a top-rated business podcast for women

Prioritizing family & being present for every day moments

Taking trips like our annual family trip to Disney

I'm reallyyyy passionate about...


I get to coach & teach women all over the world and teach them how to start, grow and scale a freelance business so they can be at home with their kids! 

July 2022

Launched The CEO Society Mastermind!

April 2022

Launched the completely revamped The Prep 2.0!

Oct. 2021

My digital product, The Prep, blew up on TikTok (over 4.5 million views)

Sept. 2019

Launched my podcast and starting sharing about my business success!

May 2019

Doubled my teaching income work 20-25 hrs/week from home!

Dec. 2018

Resigned from my teaching job the day before my second son was born. 

Oct. 2018

Started my freelancing business while pregnant and working full time

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