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The podcast for women who are looking to launch, grow & scale a freelance business.

About the Freelancer to CEO Podcast

Have you been searching for a way to work from home but struggling with what steps to take next? Or maybe you started the business but you’re stuck? Looking to scale your business to the next level? We’ve got you covered on the Freelancer to CEO Podcast.

Every week, host Aubree Malick will share practical tips and strategy that you can take into your business today plus inspiring interviews from industry experts so you can truly step into that CEO role you desire.

I’m Aubree - your podcast host and business cheerleader. 

I'm a wife, boy mom, former teacher, & TikTok enthusiast! I help overworked and underpaid moms and (soon-to-be former) teachers experience the freedom and joy that comes from designing a freelancing business with the skills they already have. After taking my own leap of faith four years ago and replacing my teaching income within two months, I became passionate about helping other women start and grow their own businesses to 5K+ months from home and have featured in Business Insider (x3) and Yahoo! Finance. 


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"I never miss an episode of Aubree's motivational podcast. She breaks down the steps of how to start a VA business clearly and she speaks directly to the pain points one encounters. I appreciate the various guests and learn where they have taken their businesses. Chock-full of excellent information, listening to all past episodes is worthy of your time." — Kewillia

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