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I help moms & teachers start a virtual assistant business so they can have more choice and freedom.

I used to be an elementary teacher! But everything changed once my first son was born. I wanted to have more flexibility in my job and create my own schedule (around my kids!) During my deep dive searches of mom Facebook groups for “work at home” jobs, I found freelancing.  Within two months, I was making enough money to resign from my teaching job – just in time for my second son to arrive! 

When I’m not supporting other moms & teachers, you can usually find me obsessing over another DIY home project, enjoying an adult beverage, and spending time with my friends and family.

here's what I believe...


You don’t need to work insane hours or miss out on important moments to have a successful business.


I'm on a mission to change what it looks like to be a working mom. No more choosing one or the other. You can have both!

you can take the teacher out of the classroom....

Even though I’m no longer teaching in the classroom, I am still using my skills from being a classroom teacher as I support blossoming entrepreneurs who are ready to take back control of their lives and schedule. 

more about me

My Happy place

Cuddled up on the couch with my boys


Gilmore Girls & Friends

I'm always wearing

Leggings and comfy sweatshirts

favorite food

Chips & Salsa

Favorite adult drink

Twisted Tea

Team I cheer on

Buffalo Bills 


Taylor Swift


Making everyone feel like someone


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