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The Freelancer to CEO podcast is hosted by mom & former elementary teacher turned business strategist and coach, Aubree Malick. Each week, Aubree shares episodes on business strategy, systems and tactical tips that listeners can take and implement into their businesses today so they can finally step into that CEO role they desire and have the financial freedom they crave. In addition to sharing her proven system that helped her launch and scale her own super successful freelancing business, Aubree interviews others experts and industry leaders so they can share their secrets on how to scale an online business to new heights.

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You'll get questions beforehand, and we'll let the conversation flow naturally from there. But, notes on your main points is helpful! 

Episode Notes & Talking Points

Yes, the Apple earbuds work just fine! Nothing fancy needed. You just need to be able to hear me NOT out of the computer's speakers.


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 ✔ Primarily female, age 25 - 40 

 ✔ Moms & teachers looking to start or scale a freelance business

 ✔ They are looking for a way to supplement or completely work from home so they can be present with their family while also contributing financially

I recommend listening to one of our guest interviews before our interview!

So, who is listening?

YOU'LL TEACH ON THE TOPIC. We are all about value-packed episodes here and I can't wait to highlight you and your expertise on the show!


YOU'LL TELL YOUR STORY. This is my favorite part of podcasts! I love for you to share your journey and how you got to where you are today!


WE'LL CHAT BEFORE WE HIT RECORD. We won't be hopping right into the interview. I'll answer any of your questions and we can go over our topic before we start!


Here's what to expect when we record!

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