Jack of All Trades Quiz Results Page

You are the…. Jack of All Trades

You are known for wearing all the hats and wearing them with ease. You are able to juggle multiple tasks at any given time without stress or overwhelm. You are seen by many as the Jack of All Trades because of your natural ability to juggle a million things at once but also know when and how to delegate as needed.

Any business owner would gladly take you on as their right hand woman. You are responsible for general admin tasks including data entry, customer service, bookkeeping, research, and more. Your client gives you a task and you have the drive and intelligence to figure it out on the go. You are always willing to take on new projects and are excited to learn new ways to support the business owner you are working with.

Services that would be great to offer: General admin, data entry, customer service, bookkeeping, research

Congrats on discovering your service superpower!

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