Automating an Extraordinary Client Experience with Kristen Westcott

Is your client onboarding process on point?! Today, I am bringing on the wonderful Kristen Westcott to discuss how we can automate our client experience so our clients feel at eased and impressed with our business process. We’re also going to talk about how to uplevel your communication and lead in a way that provides clarity and confidence to your clients in an ongoing capacity and how to WOW the client with a lasting impression during offboarding that generates repeat business and referrals.


Kristen Westcott is a business growth strategist and founder of Kristen Westcott Media ( who has spent the last decade in the legal and education fields supporting leaders and students in the areas of goal setting, productivity and project management. After recognizing her true passion lies in serving entrepreneurs, Kristen honed her skills as a Director of Operations. She quickly noticed that what was holding many business owners back wasn’t a lack of drive or ability, but a lack of foundational systems that could support the day-to-day operations of a scaling business. These days, she spends her time helping online coaches, copywriters and course creators scale without the frustration that massive growth often brings.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Kristen got started in the online space
  • What she helps her clients through
  • How to automate your client onboarding experience
  • Her top tips for wowing your clients from the start


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