Finding and Attracting Your Dream Client as a Freelancer with Madison Anaya

Do you know who your dream client is? Like really know who they are? Do you struggle with figuring out how to create content that speaks to what they need? I brought my good friend Madison Anaya on the podcast today to help us answer all of those questions!

Madison breaks how to find your dream client and then what you can do online to start attracting them into your business. Madison started out in the freelancing space so she totally gets it and has such amazing advice to share in today’s episode! I know you are going to love Madison (or Mads as her friends call her) just as much as I do!

Madison Anaya is the host of The Fearless Chase Community where she provides business education and community for creatives to find friends and reach their goals together through podcasts, conferences, and more.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Madison got started in the online space
  • What her brand “The Fearless Chase” stands for
  • How to figure out who your ideal client is
  • What you can do online to start attracting them into your business
  • Her one piece of advice she would give other freelancers


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