Taxes, Expenses & the Power in Planning Your Money with Stacey Isetta

If you’re anything like me, when it comes to numbers, money and expenses… it’s not your favorite thing to think about! Well, lucky for you and me, I brought my good friend Stacey Isetta to talk all about taxes, money and expenses in your business because it is HER thing!


Stacey stepped away from her corporate career as a Financial Analyst at Kendall-Jackson Winery to be home with her children, both under the age of 13 months.  She and her husband started what would become a multi-seven figure technology construction company in the San Francisco Bay Area. For the last 18 years, while raising their three beautiful kiddos, Stacey brought her financial and leadership skills to their women-owned family business to grow and scale it to what it is today.  Stacey loves family game nights, travel, food, gatherings with friends and golf with her husband.

Building a business is not an easy ride, and there have been tremendous ups and downs in her journey.  Stacey is here to share with us the power of planning for the money side of our business ventures so that we can create a strong foundation and have a plan for success as we step out into our new roles – Freelancers to CEOs


In this episode, you will learn:

  • What’s the best way to make your business official
  • The difference between sole proprietor, LLC and S-Corp
  • How to organize your money for your business
  • What you need when it comes time for taxes
  • Stacey’s best advice for how to look at your money

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