Using Your Website to Sell Your Services with Jessica Skelton

As service providers, we want to make sure that our website is attracting clients who will eventually lead to paying customers. But what does our website need to have a service provider? Do we even need a website? Do we need to have #allthethings on our website?


Well today, I’m sharing an interview that I did with my dear friend and WordPress web designer Jessica Skelton that will break things down for you! Jessica shares her knowledge on what your website should have, the most important place on your website, how you get those clients to book more calls with you, and so much more. Jessica is so incredibly knowledgable and someone who I go to on a regular basis to bounce ideas of off and she always provides the best advice so bringing her on the podcast to share about her area of expertise was a no brainer. Plus, she gives us an inside look into how she scaled her business from offering all the services under the sun to niching down to web design!


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